Historical costumes are great hits for kids this season and they will surely enjoy their most realistic and blast from the past disguises. Give them the chance to experience great personalities in history with the best choices of outfits available today. Here are some of the exciting costume choices you could prefer for that amazing transformation of your tykes.

Pharoah Child Costumes

When you think of pharaoh, what immediately come to mind is the great male anarchists of Egypt.

This time, make that refreshing turn and give your little girls the chance to be the most infamous and captivating pharaoh queen of the Nile in the Cleopatra child costume.

This adorable and attractive ensemble is inclusive of the Egyptian-style dress in white with matching blue and gold collar and belt.

To complete this lovely ensemble are the attached gold and blue cape with matching blue wrist cuffs and the gold headpiece.

Knight of the Dragon Child Costume

Your courageous tykes will love their gallant transformation into a fearless dragon-slaying knight.

This ensemble includes the glittering jumpsuit with matching faux chest armor and the faux chain mail knight sleeves.

It also includes the dragon chest piece in vacuform materials, helmet with moveable faceplate features and a pair of shoulder guards.

Scarlet Knight Child Costume

This historical figure is known for courage and valor especially in the face of danger and dragon slaying endeavors. Your gallant knight is here to rescue damsels in distress and protect castles in their make-believe world with this cute ensemble package. It includes the scarlet red top with the screen-printed dragon crest on the center front with matching black pants. Accentuating their knight in shining armor ensemble are the faux chain mail sleeves and matching collar.

Give them the greatest adventures of their Halloween celebration with great choices of costumes that bring to life some of the most historical figures loved for all times!