A King’s Costume to Fit Your Child

If you are on the lookout for a more regal costume for your child this Halloween, then you will definitely want to take a peek at these diverse costume outfits:

King Child Costume

This particular costume set is exactly what most people imagine kings to be: the jeweled red and white velveteen cape, the immaculate white shirt with trimmed gold, black knickers and gold belt all capture the luxury and regal presence of kings.

This kingly costume represents the traditional attire worn by kings in formal events, and comes with the aforementioned basics.

You may want to complete the look with a pair of high knee stockings and black shoes, while a crown, scepter and large ruby ring will help with the accessories.

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King Child Costumes

King Crusader Child Costume

When kings are called to battle, you really can’t expect them to ride to the front wearing their court attire now can you?

This particular set comes with a tunic, hood and boot tops that mixes the dynamic colors of red and gold with the gray metal mesh that makes up traditional chain mail armor.

Just make sure to prepare an extra sword and a good pair of black or gray pants to match the set and your kid will be swinging his sword in no time.

Warrior King Child Costume

The Crusades were not the only time kings rode to battle, though – especially when there are a lot of other kings out there with their own unique sense of battle-gear fashion.

The cowl and tunic showcase a gold and green dragon crest on black, while the other jewels and accessories replaces gold for silver.

This works well with the silver glint of the faux scale mail armor, which works pretty well for the whole set.

King Robe and Crown Set Child Costume

Want a kingly costume for your kiddo but you just don’t have the budget? This simple but effective costume set prices that you can afford and it works pretty well considering the price tag.

You can have your little tyke wear his best clothes under the whole thing and still come out looking kingly.

This will help you keep your budget intact while letting the kid have an effective king costume to wear to the party.

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Penguins of Madagascar Deluxe King Julien Child Costume

Okay, so not all kings need to be regal and stuff. In King Julien’s case (Remember the nut-job lemur king from Madagascar?) all you really need to be king is a weird hat on top of your head.

In the case of this full-body costume though, you would probably be squealing in delight because of the sheer cuteness of it all. This is definitely one of those costumes that turn the whole concept of kings on its head.

So if you or your little boy is pondering on what to wear in the next big costume party, then why not go for a more regal approach this time around?